On Using Imagery In Songwriting…

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I recently had the pleasure of sitting in with Eyvindur Karlsson on “The one Bad Day, Songwriting Podcast” to discuss the use of imagery in songwriting, and share a bit of insight into my songwriting process, a least as it pertains to words.

Click here to go to go directly to The Podcast Page and get the show notes, or you can listen to the podcast right here on my site by just clicking the play button below.

If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to the podcast, Eyvindur publishes regular episodes, full of helpful tips, about the craft of songwriting, and if you’re a fan of songwriters like Tom Waits, be sure to check out his music while you’re there. It’s good stuff!

And finally, if you like what you hear, or have any questions that weren’t asked on the podcast, please post them below.


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