Devastating Earth Quake In New Zealand

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As many of you know I’ve been splitting my time between Los Angeles and New Zealand, you’re probably also aware that there was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake the other day down in Christ Church that has led to a considerable loss of life and what has been estimated to be billions of dollars in damages.

NZ, now being my part-time home, I thought I’d post this to help support the cause. Many people will be homeless as a result of the quake, and they’ll need help.

You can donate money to the New Zealand Red Cross here. (note: they appear to be experiencing occasional server overload on the site in case you get there and it’s down.)

  • Here are a number of other resources: New Zealand earthquake quick-facts HERE
  • Where to get help/what to do HERE
  • Google’s launched a people finder page HERE
  • Use the #eqnzContact hashtag on twitter if you’re trying to find loved ones/let them know you are alright

Vodafone and telecom are advising users to limit calls/use text only, so as not to overload phone lines.

You can help the cause by reposting on Facebook or Twitter using one of the icons below this post.


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