The NEW Band

John Oszajca Band


It’s been some time since I have last had the pleasure of performing with a band, especially when it comes to the branch of my music that leans a little more rock n’ roll, AKA “First Sign Of Anything“. Furthermore, when Keshama and I started spending more and more time in New Zealand I didn’t […]

Don’t Be Like That


A number of years back I was bumming over some chick. Friggin chicks. And I wrote and recorded a song which was originally intended for release on my second album, ‘First Sign of Anything’. The album started taking a different direction and the track got shelved because sonically it didn’t really fit. Well, last night […]

Album Update


Looks like my last “real” blog post was back in December… yikes! Well, there’s a few reasons for that. As some of you may already know, 2010 has been an eventful year for me. In January my fiancée, Keshama, and I had our first child; a little boy we call River. He happens to be […]

In The Studio Again

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Just before taking off for a six-months-plus vacation in New Zealand I was able to sneak into the studio with producer, Dave Darling, for a few weeks and lay down the first half of what will be my fourth studio album. The album leans heavily Blue Grass but has a few too many four letter […]

Free What Happens In Vegas Movie Soundtrack


For those of you who don’t know, My song I Hate You My Friend is featured during the end credits of the new film, What happens In Vegas, starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. For a limited time you can download I Hate You My Friend by going to www.JohnOMusic.Net. Just follow the instructions on […]

What Happens In Vegas Soundtrack

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Hey folks, if you happen to check out the soon to be released film, “What Happens in Vegas…” starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, be sure to be on the listen for my song “I Hate You My Friend”. The track is slotted during the end credits. The film opens tomorrow, May 9th, in theaters […]