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I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’ve been on a bit of an “information diet” this year, thus avoiding the usual reports of doom, gloom, and financial calamity, but despite what I hear is supposedly going on out there in the world, 2010 has been pretty frickin’ awesome for me.

This year I experienced the birth of my first son, River, visited New Zealand, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and San Diego, and most recently I released Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0 which sold out in only a week.

My only disappointment this year is that with so much on my plate I have not had the chance to finish my fourth, and yet to be titled, album. Time has been in short supply this year, but I’m back in my remote New Zealand country home for the next 3 months and am already starting to nail down the last few songs needed to fill out the album. With a little luck I’ll record them some time this spring and have the album out by the end of 2011.

In the meantime I’ve got a little appropriately timed sample track for you. The song is somewhat sarcastically titled, “John Oszajca’s Golden Christmas Classic”, and it’s slated to be one of the cuts off my upcoming release. It’s also gives you a good idea of the alt/country/bluegrass turn that my sound has been taking over the last few years.

To download the track simply right click and save this link.

To everyone who has been a supporter of my music for all these years, and to everyone who has recently become involved with Music Marketing Manifesto, THANK YOU. You guys have helped make this a truly amazing year.

May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2011.

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P.S. The free track will come down after the new year so be sure to download it before then.


  • Petra says:

    Hi John,

    just stopping by for a quick “hello” -> Hello! 🙂
    I wanted to tell you that by now I am totally in love with “Sinkin’ In” and “Angalyne”. They are my absolute favorites and they’re such beautiful songs!
    I am a sucker for good lyrics anyway and with lines like “But life just confuses things, I’ll trade you my scars for a set of wings” you’re really getting to me.
    So, if you’ve still got some songs to write for your next album: Please play more songs like that!!!

    Don’t know if this isn’t too personal, but I’d love to know who Angalyne is/was. Sounds a little like a fan turned into a stalker. Maybe you want to share that story…?
    And have you found a name for your next album yet?

    Hope all is well (seems like it is… just read that you went surfing in Doubtless Bay. Did I mention that I envy you living down there? ;)). Always looking forward to new music and to hearing from you!

    All the best from frosty Germany,

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hey Petra, thanks for the comment and the kind words. Angalyne is fictional but it’s based on some real people. More of an amalgamation of several.

      The new album is shaping up to be F’d up bluegrass. The music is very traditional but the lyrics are a bit ornry and rude, while trying to be funny. No title yet, “You’re Ass is Bluegrass has been lingering around. We’ll see.

      Thanks again.

  • Petra says:

    Hi John,

    I got another one of your emails this morning 😉 and I finally had the time to download some new music. I got a copy of Elephant Graveyard and I gotta say: I love your style!
    My favorite songs on the album (so far…): The Day I Died, Where’s Bob Dylan When You Need Him?, Sinkin’ In and Ostrich Blues. (I also love I Hate You (My Friend) and the new song you sent today!)
    But I have a question about the album: why did you call it Elephant Graveyard? Is there a special reason you chose that title?

    About your Music Marketing Manifesto… You said that one of the important things is to get into personal contact with the fans. And I think you’re right. That’s what makes this feel special. To get emails and personal answers from the musician who’s playing on my iPod is kinda exciting. It creates a special connection.
    So, keep up the good work! You’re on the right track there! (And maybe you can give your “client” Billy Burke a little nudge… he hasn’t updated his site in quite a while.)

    Looking forward to more emails from you. And I always love checking out the new songs you send along!

    All the best from Germany,

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Petra,

      Thanks for the kind words, and fro picking up the album.

      The Elephant Graveyard is a mythical place where elephants were believed to go to die, and thus where there were untold riches to be had in ivory.

      The album was one that I always wanted to make but never did because it was not commercial enough for the major labels. It represents my true “sound” and was something I always said I needed to record before I stopped making music (not that I ever plan to).

      Anyway, without being morbid or anything, I guess I saw a parallel between this place where the elephants went to die and an album where all of my older, noncommercial (but much loved) songs finally found a home. Hope that makes sense.

      Thanks for the kind words about MMM as well. Glad you’re digging it. Billy is a busy man these days but I’ll tell Billy to hurry up and write a new post already 🙂

  • John Oszajca says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words Nancy. have a great one!

  • michael says:

    merry christmas to you and your family….music and family what a wonderful present and to think you have made my world that much more happier because of your music…and in a way your family too

  • Andrei B. says:

    Thanks for the song! I’m listening to it right now, it’s very good 😉 Merry Christmas to you!

  • Sully says:

    John, Merry Christmas! Glad you had a great year and hoping 2011 will be even better for you and everyone else. Thank you for Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0. It’s the best step by step program of its kind! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family.
    Sully, The Sullied

  • Jacob Cremer says:

    I’m so glad you’ve had a great business year, because I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about not buying the new album yet. Haven’t ripped it off either! I look forward to buying it, and even more excitingly, the book. Have a great week.

  • Mel says:

    Great stuff! Though, having been a fan since what, 1993?, I’m a little biased. Have a great holiday! We really must catch up!

  • Joanna P says:

    Hi Jonh,

    yes life can bre great! thanks for sharing knowledge, looking forward to listen the song.
    Happy holidays!

  • Skilf says:

    Big up John, you’re a constant inspiration to all of us independant artists! Looking forward to getting my teeth into MMM in the new year.

    Have a good one man

  • Nancy says:

    Th track is awesome John. The back ups are so Jordanaires. Love it! Merry Christmas.

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