back In 1999 Video (Version 2)

This is the low budget version of 1999. We just went around the country asking people to sing the song and we strung it together as a sort of video time capsule.

The big budget video cost over $200,000.00

This video cost about $1,000.00 – and most of that was on gas.

Guess which one was played by MTV?

Yep… The cheap one.

Which one do you like better? Tell me in a comment below.


  • Mark Hansen says:

    Yes, this video is full of people having fun – very uplifting. What we lack most in affluent Western society is connection – we got plenty of money and products. Also the song is very catchy.

  • Embersage says:

    I liked both, but…I like the low budget one better. Sorry John, I understand why they played that one. We live in a fast paced world, and the simple concept of hometwon America is heart warming and inspirational. While watching the video I could remember my own road trips and could concentrate on the message intended in the music. The spirit of hometown America, which everyone can relate to. I think the song will be a hit, because it reaches out to everyone. So many times musicians become famous and lose their heart in high tech productions. Keep it simple, from your heart and you will do amazing things. Sheila

  • Simon Mosley says:

    Hey John,
    Needed a break from ur marketing course, head explosion imminent!!!!!! so i thought id browse ur blog for a bit…..
    Love this tune man!!! Its got all the elements i love, simple multi-layerd breakbeat, awsome guitar lick, killer vocal hook and even a bit of tastefully placed scratching…. NICE!
    As for the videos…. I quite like the the big budget one, it is really well produced and the concept’s kinda cool. But for me the low budget vid has to be the one. I love the reality of it, the way it connects with the viewer… and it speaks to me on a more personal level about John Oszajca the person, who just happens to be a great musician and song writer, rather than John Oszajca the untouchable rock star, which is more the vibe i get from the other video.
    Sorry John, I tried to prefer the other video, i really did, especially since you spent $200,000 on it, but i guess im just more of an indie man : )
    I really need to start recording some music videos myself, ive got the ideas all set for a few tracks but just cant seem to find the time! Blasted day job… ha ha

    Have you got any live vids floating about? couldnt see any.

    • John says:

      Thanks Simon,

      Much appreciated.

      I have a ton of live videos in the archives (a box buried under about 20 other boxes in my closet) that I need to post one of these days.

      best of luck with everything. Thanks for picking up MMM.

  • Erika says:

    I like them both….I like seeing everyday people, but at the same time I like the “glitz” of the high budget one. I do think MTV should play both versions, but heck we are talking about the same people who are bringing us the Jersey Shore kids!!!!!! Put out what you want, what’s in your heart….I think that is ultimately what your fans (like me) like best!)

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